Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Orphan or Not?

I received a copy of a very interesting but controversial slideshow this weekend. This slideshow focuses on children around the world adopted internationally who had families they were taken from. It gave several examples of how families living in poverty were tricked into relinquishing their children. I have thought of nothing else but these families and children since I have watched this Slideshow Link.

As a parent of internationally adopted children, I cannot imagine my children not in my life. But of course in many countries around the world, adoption is seen not only as a way to form families, but as a way to make money, especially when private adoption facilitators and attorneys are involved. I am a huge advocate for adoption and would love every orphaned child around the world to have a family of their very own. I don’t want a child to spend even one more day longer than necessary in an orphanage, but we of course have to do everything possible to make sure the children being adopted are truly orphaned. I couldn’t help but think of the Hague Adoption Convention as I watched this slideshow because I know so many families who are adopting have to go through so much more paperwork now to adopt internationally. It is often easy to complain, but when you watch something like this slideshow you understand why these restrictions have to be put into place. Many people feel the Hague has caused a slowdown in international adoptions and in many cases closed down countries completely. Do you feel it is worth it to protect families such as those in the slideshow? Do you think the Hague offers even enough protection? How do you feel the Hague has affected the adoption of true orphans?

Karen LWB

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