Thursday, May 14, 2009

Feeling Like Family

Our family has been created both biologically and through adoption. While we were waiting during our first adoption, I often wondered if I would feel like a mom to this child right away or whether it would be more of a process. I still remember my feelings so vividly the day we were handed our daughter….a 2 ½ year old who didn’t want anything to do with us. As I rocked her hours after getting her, I had feelings of panic with thoughts of “can I love her just as much” mixed with the joy of knowing what a gift we had been given and “I can know I can love her”. I also remember the exact time that I felt like her mom. It was on day number three, she sobbed for over an hour, grieving so deeply, that I felt this deep churning within me, and felt this most incredible love for this beautiful child. As she finished her sobbing, she just stared at me and we rocked. From that moment, we were inseparable and she was mine daughter.

This moment came back to me as I read this beautiful article about Nia Vardalos adoption of a 3 year old little girl in People Online. What a touching story of her process of becoming a parent and knowing the moment that she felt like this child’s mom.

While I was waiting, I often wondered if Felling like the parent of an adopted child would be a process or more of an "Aha" moment. When did ou feel like the parent of your child? Was there a special moment or was it gradual?

Karen LWB

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  1. I know you will know what I am saying when I tell you that this BLESSED me.
    I am so afraid that he is going to scream bloody murder and that I am going to act like a spoiled child and get my feelings hurt.
    It is days like this that I wish we lived closer to each other. I would so make a pie and tell you to "make a pot of coffee".
    I will send you a pic when we get there.

    I love you,My Friend.

    Andrea ~ Mama to JIXIANG the child of wonder.