Monday, May 4, 2009

Everyone just wants a chance

Today I got a formal report from one of our volunteers who recently visited an orphaned child LWB had sent to the Blue Sky Healing Home outside of Beijing. Little Yong had been born in Hunan, and his orphanage quickly realized that something wasn't quite right with his health. He wasn't developing normally and had a very floppy body. Sadly, after testing we learned that Yong has a rare and progressive neurological disorder. But thanks to the wonderful care at Blue Sky, he has now gained enough strength to crawl and move himself about, something he never was able to do before. I think you can tell from his photo how very proud he is of this new accomplishment! We are all so excited to know he is getting this chance at having a much better life.

Reading his report today reminded me of the story of another boy with a special need who was given a chance he had never had before. His name is Jason McElwain. I first saw his video when my son's high school raised funds for Autism Awareness. If you haven't seen his story, then you are missing one of the best "feel good" videos on Youtube. It can be found at this link:

Every child wants someone to believe in them. How wonderful that Jason's friends and coaches did just that. Thank you all for believing that every child deserves a chance. I can't wait to follow Yong's progress and see what wonderful things he has in store as well.

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  1. I could not even watch the video.
    I saw the name and started crying.
    My kids have watched this OVER & OVER AGAIN!

    We just love the boy, the team, the fans, Everything about it sings LOVE.

    I want this little booger's life to be like Jason's....full of hope and love.