Tuesday, January 12, 2010


A friend forwarded me a Youtube video yesterday that I loved so much. You can watch it by clicking here. This beautiful video profiles Patrick Hughes, a young man who was born with special needs who played in the University of Louisville marching band. As I watched his inspirational story, I was moved not only by his positive attitude, but also by the dedication of his loving father. His dad works the night shift at UPS so that he can then help his son with his activities during the day. I couldn't help but wish that every child born had at least one parent so completely devoted to them. What would this earth look like if it was filled with this kind of love?

Have you known a child who has overcome extreme odds with a similar positive attitude? Or do you know a parent who has devoted themselves completely to making sure their child will find happiness in life? Please share their stories with us! We can never get enough positive and uplifting news like this one, especially working with orphaned children who face such enormous obstacles each day.

Here's to all the parents out there who realize that inside each child is the potential to impact the world. So many moms and dads are true "quiet heroes", sacrificing of themselves so that their children can have the best life possible.


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