Saturday, January 16, 2010

VOTE - Loving Livia

Have you cast your vote for LWB yet in the Chase Community Giving Contest? I want to introduce you to Livia so you can see how taking the time to do so can allow even more vulnerable children a chance at life.

Livia came into LWB’s hands from a rural orphanage when she was four months old, weighing just 5 pounds.
She was malnourished, weak, and truly fragile. If she had not been moved to our cleft home, she would definitely have passed away.

Our trained caregi
vers got right to work and Livia began receiving her feedings with specialized cleft bottles and high calorie formula. Over the next few weeks, she began gaining weight, began smiling, and most importantly began realizing what it means to be loved. Just four months after arriving in such a weak condition, Livia was ready for her life-changing surgery! She recovered beautifully and began hitting all of her development milestones. In fact, she recently celebrated her first birthday and is now beginning to walk. She is now in LWB foster care, ready for adoption and an unlimited future. What joy she brings to the world! What a tragedy it would have been if this beautiful little girl had not been given a second chance. Her whole life is in frontof her now, thanks to our cleft healing homes.

nd by voting today for LWB, you can help us open even more specialized homes to save the lives of babies just like Livia. Please take the time to cast your vote today, because every baby’s life is important.

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