Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Do You Wonder?

I came across this blog and I loved it. It was by one of my most favorite social media blog writers, Chris Brogan, and it is called The Value of Wonder here.

Raising children, being able to step back and see the world through their eyes is such a gift. So often, the ordinary is extraordinary to them. How often do you just go through the motions during the day, but fail to see all of the gifts we are given?

There is nothing like a trip to China to put our world into perspective for me. For the children we visit, the joy they have when we play is something that touches me so deeply. They have so little, but the spirit within them is truly amazing. The wonder they have for life and something new just resonates from their faces….to them all is a sense of wonder.

What a wonderful way to view each and every day!

Today, find something remarkable, something you can wonder about, that makes today a gift. What is it?

Karen Maunu

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  1. Life through my children's eyes is hands down the most precious gift EVER. Thanks for this reminder.