Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What Inspires YOU?

Over the weekend, the LWB Executive Team met to discuss so many items to make LWB better, run smoother, and how to move into the future. Being with this group of smart, passionate, and loving women just inspires me to do more and be a better person.

Every time I have traveled to China, visiting orphanage after orphanage, playing with the children, meeting with orphanage staff, and government officials, I come back so inspired, wanting to work harder, better, for the children. I feel like we are a team with the staff and officials, all working to better the lives of the children we help. Whenever I have a slow day, it is these trips that I look back on to get me focused on what it is that needs to be done.

What inspires you? Do you have a thought, idea, or person that spurs you into action? What are you passionate about?

Karen Maunu

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