Sunday, September 13, 2009

Finding Inspiration

I feel so thrilled to be a guest blogger for Love Without Boundaries. As I read all the wonderful work that LWB is doing in the world, I cannot help but feel inspired.

When it comes to finding inspiration as the summer comes to an end, I find myself excited to welcome autumn, my favorite season. It was the day before Halloween in 2003 that my husband and I took a very long flight to China to be united with our 9 month old daughter, Grace. While the weather those two weeks was warmer in China than we expected, my excitement grew knowing that we would come home to cooler, autumn weather and the changing of the seasons. Just 2 ½ years ago, during this same time of year, my husband was preparing for a business trip to Seoul, South Korea. We worked really hard with our adoption agency to arrange for a day during his trip for him to visit with our soon-to-be adopted son and meet his foster parents. Gratefully arrangements were made, and John got to spend some time with our son prior to his trip home. Dean traveled home 2 months later. Lastly this time last autumn I was busy “nesting” in preparation for our youngest adopted daughter, Gwen, to come home. As I reflect back on those particular moments it is so easy for me to find them wondrous and inspirational.

But it is important to remember the little sparks of inspiration & beauty that touch our lives on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. Sure there are days when I’m clearly exhausted from a hectic day, but usually I am able to find something to be motivated by. As fall quietly saunters in these are some little aspects of my life where I find inspiration. I am inspired by the cooler weather which always compels me to throw on a cozy sweatshirt that is two sizes too big. I am inspired by spending time together as a family as the crisp air finds us cuddling more, eating comfort foods and doing my oldest daughter’s homework. I am inspired by new school supplies, the paper leaf cutouts hanging in my son’s classroom and the smell of a pumpkin spice candle. I am inspired to hum along when I hear my two year old sing his ABC’s at 6:30am, gaze at the full moon, and going to bed early. The great thing about inspiration is that it can be found anywhere and everywhere! It can be found through listening to your children laughing, the rustling of the leaves or a hot cup of tea.

So today, during the busiest part of your day I invite you to stop and look around for something that inspires you. When you find it, take a moment…breath and really soak it in. Once you do that, I guarantee that your day will become a little lighter and brighter.

Kim Rabago is an aspiring writer and advocate for women’s health issues. She earned her Master’s in Social Work from Widener University. She currently works with individuals and families who are experiencing transitional phases in their lives. She and her husband, John are proud parents of three internationally adopted children. When she is not running around with the kids, she enjoys spending time at the beach, reading and yoga.


  1. How wonderful that your husband was able to visit with your son and meet his foster parents before he came home to you! As the mother of little ones from China and Korea, I know what an amazing opportunity that must have been. Thank you for sharing your story.

  2. Kim, I bet we were on the same flight to China with you back in 2003. That was our first, of four, trips to China for our beautiful children! Thanks for sharing. I know it must have been an incredible treat for your husband to meet your son at that time!