Monday, June 8, 2009

Positive Connections

In the last six months, we have been doing a lot of reading on how nonprofits should market themselves. Being mostly moms without a lot of education in this area, we have been learning a lot of ideas by studying those who are already successful in this area. One nonprofit that does an incredible job using social media is the National Wildlife Foundation. They are known within the nonprofit social media circles as being one of the best. I have loved watching what they are doing and how they are getting their message out. They are making a wonderful difference and also helping to teach all of us, too!

Today, I heard about this interesting article on nonprofits and how to advertise. I thought it had a lot of great points Blog Link. I loved the Salvation Army’s guerilla marketing campaign…great idea!!

Have you heard of other nonprofits that have great social media ideas? Do you like to follow a certain nonprofit because they have an interesting way of promoting their message? If there are certain groups whose websites, blogs or marketing you love, we’d love to know about them, especially those who are spreading their message in unique ways. We believe the best way to get people excited about helping those in need is by forming real connections with them, and we love to learn by example. Who do you know that is doing this well?

Karen LWB

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  1. Actually I think the nonprofit I'm following the most is you guys! Facebook Causes, Twitter, guys really are doing a great job.