Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Prematurity Awareness Month

November is National Prematurity Awareness Month, and that of course made us stop to give thanks for all of the babies LWB has been able to help in China who have been born too soon. Did you know that 13 million babies a year are born premature? And 85% of those babies are born in Africa and Asia.

We are frequently contacted by orphanages who receive babies weighing just 2-3 pounds, and immediate medical care is needed to save their lives. We are so grateful to everyone who has helped us with these tiniest of babies. To celebrate this special month, we thought we would share a few of our recent survivors with you. Each of these babies found themselves orphaned weighing just a little more than 1 kg each. Aren't second chances just WONDERFUL?

This month, join us in saying a special prayer for all of the babies who arrive in this world as preemies. What miracles they are!


  1. Sweet photos! PTL for second chances!! We will certainly be praying for the preemies this month. Thanks for all you do for these precious children!


  2. My (now 27 year old) sister was born two months premature and entered the world weighing 3 lbs 2 oz. Preemies have such a special place in my heart! I'm so thankful that LWB is able to step in and care for some of China's preemies! What a blessing!!! Each of the darlings pictured above are so precious!

  3. great pictures and reminders to always help the helpless.

  4. Thank you so much for this post! My Tongginator was quite probably born premature. We adopted her through the NSN program, but - even now at age five - professionals often ask me if she was a preemie. She is an amazing little girl and such a blessing to us. Praying for all the little ones who enter the world a tad early and for all of those who help them.

  5. I am SO very thankful for organizations like LWB! Look at the amazing difference they make!!!

  6. Our little girl weighed just 3 lbs. She went to New Hope Foundation and later became a LWB sponsor child when she went into foster care. So thank you , thank you for caring for my sweet girl. We are so blessed to be her family.