Sunday, April 26, 2009

Be a Hero

Baby Mei was born with several heart defects. This precious 8 month old baby girl has a VSD, a ASD and PH. She is urgently waiting for her heart surgery. Right now, LWB is holding our 6th Annual Art Auction where 100% of our proceeds will go to heal children like Mei. You can either take part and bid on some wonderful items at

We know the economy is tough and many people aren't able to participate by bidding like they did in the past, but the truth is that you can still be a part of saving the life of a child with heart disease simply by passing on the news that our auction is now live (until Tuesday). Please use every internet means possible to let people know: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, email. We have so many children waiting for the heart surgery they need, and our art auction provides essential funds to give them a second chance at life.

Thank you SO much!



  1. we are LOVIN' the auction.
    I can spend money and NOT get fussed at !


  2. Thank you EVERYONE who took part! I am so excited that we raised enough to heal several children's hearts.